Monday, February 14, 2011


First thing in the morning, guess what I say?
To all my Blogger friends, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

If you're reading this now, you are a friend of mine.
I'm really glad to know you. You're one of a kind.

I value our friendship, as well as our connection
Whenever you're on my mind, I regard you with affection.

Roses are red, Violets are blue.
Blogs are fun, but not more fun than you.
Author's Note: [H.V.D.! (That's Happy Valentine's Day in abbreviation. ^_~) I really do love all you guys! Remember, when it comes to love, pay it forward! Tell at least one special someone you love them, because... what, I have to tell you?! It's Valentine's Day! ^_^]

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love: What Dreams are Made of

♪♫ First Verse ♫♪
I often wonder what life is really about.
I'm in a box, but how do I think out?
Am I really the person I want to be?
I gotta find someone who'll love me for me.

But you're the reason why I sing this song...
I have a feeling it's been you all along...
♪♫ First Chorus ♫♪
I think love... is the thing that dreams are made of.
I don't mind it,
I like the feeling,
It's been inside me from the start.
Because the thing that dreams are made of.
Now I've found it,
I'll never lose it.
I'll always keep love in my heart.

♪♫ Second Verse ♫♪
You're always dreaming of something better than this
Is there a plan, or is life a hit-and-miss?
Then someone special wandered into your life
And something about them made you feel so right.

She makes you feel exactly like a flower...
'Cuz you're growing every minute, every hour...
♪♫ Second Chorus ♫♪
You say love... is the thing that dreams are made of.
Do you mind it?
What is your feeling,
Every time that we're apart?
Because the thing that dreams are made of.
When you find it,
Try not to lose it.
You've got to keep love in your heart.

♪♫ Bridge ♫♪
I, re-mem-ber,
When you sent me letters as a sign of your love...
You, would, al-ways,
Say that talking to me was like sunshine from above...
We'd, stay, up, and,
Talk about the books we'd someday write... and
Did, you, hap-pen,
To dream of me last night?
'Cuz I dream of you...
Yeah, I dream of you...
♪♫ Third Verse ♫♪
Now we're together and life is as it should be
I've got you and, naturally, you've got me.
I'm glad that we met all those years ago,
'Cuz if we didn't, I would've never known.

That falling in love makes you feel so grand...
And every day, all I want to do is hold, your, hand...♪♫ Third Chorus ♫♪
We know love... is the thing that dreams are made of.
We don't mind it,
We like the feeling,
It's been inside us from the start.
Because the thing that dreams are made of.
We have found it,
No doubt about it,
And we'll always keep love...
Yeah, we'll always keep love...
We'll always remember to keep love in our hearts.
♫♪ ^_^ ♪♫