About My Poetry Blog

A couple days ago I decided to put all the poems I've ever written in one place so that other people can enjoy them. Some of them are from my home blog, (The Majik of Magenta), but a lot of them come from my old notebooks. It seems that I started seriously writing poetry in 2006, when I was 14-15 years old. These are poems that I pretty much wrote for my own enjoyment. I didn't expect anyone would read them, except for maybe my immediate family. Now that I'm a little bit older and I look back on these old poems, I feel they might actually be worth sharing with others.

It took hours of typing and image searching, but I finally did it. With the help of Google Images, I attached at least one picture to each and every poem. I did this because, as you know, a picture says 1000 words. ^_^ I may have written plenty of good words myself, but I do believe the pictures add a lot to each work. If you notice that my poems have any blank pictures whatsoever, please alert me in the comments section and I will replace it with a better picture.

All of my poems are alphabetized in the Index, so you can check them out that way, if you feel to. Plus, if you'd like to check out more poetry, I have Links to More Corners, which will take you to my friend's blogs and the poems they have written that I enjoy. I may also link to actual poetry sites that I find appealing.

If you "have a fun time with words that rhyme", then please, don't hesitate to write me a comment saying you like my poetry. Even if you don't like it, or think I ought to change things a little, comment anyway. If you want, you can even rate my poems on a scale of 1 star (stinks) to 4 stars (WOW!) Any and all feedback will be appreciated.

Enjoy! Maggie (a.k.a. Bettina Levy)

----- July 9, 2010, Thursday