Saturday, September 24, 2011

If I were a Human

If I were a human, I could do anything.
I could read, and write, and dance and sing!
I'd have no predators, no enemies, that's good.
I'd have only friends in my neighborhood.
I might be smart, I might be cool.
I can chill with other kids in the pool.
I could do things a bird's never dreamed up.
I could win a big medal, prize, or cup
For being the best in a sport or a game.
I could be on my way to fortune and fame!
But I wouldn't be conceited like some humans are.
I'd be kind, modest, and generous, by far.
Oh the life of a human. It sure would be fun!
But I couldn't stand it if I had just one
More of those revolting, over-sweet candy bars.
I'd never get used to driving in a car.
Plus if I'm a human, I gotta go to school.
I hear that place just bombards you with rules.
Every human needs to know something of money.
This money business doesn't sound funny.
I'd pretty much miss my habits and ways,
When I was cheerful, happy and gay.
So when you think about it, I bet you will see
That I'm better off if I was just me.
If I remember my wish, have you heard the news yet?
I've got a human to be my pet.
Originally written: February 2, 2006.
When I was 15 years old.
This is part 2. It's supposed to be coupled with this poem.

If I were a Bird

If I were a bird, I'd be happy and free.
Flying, soaring, diving, whee!
I'd never have to walk again.
Whenever I get tired, then,
I'd fly to the treetops, way up high,
And sit as close as I can to the sky.
In the animal world, there's no currency,
So I can eat and get what I want for free!
I'd play with squirrels and chipmunks, I could.
I'd play hide and seek with a deer, I would.
I'd have no limit to where I can fly.
I'd go to Hawaii, I wouldn't be shy.
I'd love to be a bird, it would be great!
But it wouldn't be so cool if I ate
Worms and bugs every day, I'd get sick.
I wouldn't have pizza, or ice-cream to lick.
I'd have to sleep standing. I'd miss my bed,
And my pillow, were I could rest my poor head.
My home would be a nest. It's really quite plain
That this kind of house can't keep out the rain.
Besides, I'd miss my family and friends.
If only I could be with them again.
So when you come to the point, I think it would be
In my best interest if I was just me.
And when I get that longing, haven't you heard?
I'll soon be getting my very own pet bird.
Originally written: February 2, 2006.
When I was 15 years old.
This is only part 1. It's supposed to be coupled with this poem.