Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

How on earth do you manage to
Accomplish what you do every day?
Please, what is our secret?
Preparing tasty, healthy snacks and
Yummy meals for all of us,

Mending and patching clothes, keeping
Order and neatness where we live,
Teaching us valuable life lessons,
House-cleaning and so much more.
Everything you do around here is honestly,
Really appreciated a lot. You are a
Special person. Very special. You

Deserve all the happiness
A person can possibly get. Oh,
Yes, you most certainly do.

In honor of this wonderful holiday,

Let us shower you with praise
Over and over and over again. You are
Valuable beyond reasonable description,
Even for a writer such as myself.

Yesterday you were loved, but
Only half as much as today. Wait
Until tomorrow comes along, though!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


As I took a walk in the warm, bright sun,
I smiled as I waved hi to everyone.
I noticed some dark clouds floating in the sky.
They covered up the sun. I wondered why.
Just then I felt a drop fall on top of my head.
More drops fell around me, I sang as I tread:

"Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, what a lovely sound,
The noise that rain makes when it falls to the ground."
The rain fell gently on my face like mist.
The wind whispered in my ear with a little "Psst."
I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds were growing vast.
The drops were getting harder now, the rain was falling fast.
Mother took an umbrella out of her big bag.
She held my hand, said "Hurry up! There is no time to lag."

Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, the noise is getting loud!
The wind is fiercer, stronger and the trees are bent and bowed.
We rushed back to the house where it was dry and warm.
I looked out and saw the rain had turned into a storm!
Lightning flashed across the sky, I heard a thunder-clap.
I jumped, shrieked and ran into my mother's waiting lap.
She smiled and said "It's alright, there's nothing to fear.
While we wait for it to stop, why don't you draw something, dear?"

Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, I'll ignore the sound and do
some drawing with my paintbox and my crayons all day through.
Eventually the sound grew faint. I paused to listen more.
I stood up, walked down the hall and opened the front door.
The drops were falling softer as the storm began to cease.
I took a breath of clean fresh air and felt a sense of peace.
The sun was shining out again, the grass was green and wet.
I smiled, thinking "That was a storm I'm sure I won't forget!"

Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, the rain has gone away.
Now I'll put galoshes on and go outside to play!
Original date poem was written: 1/15/07
Slightly edited.

Alphabet Poems

ABC Mall, written 1/7/07
Alas, beautiful clean dress.
Everyone feels grand, healthy inside jeans, knowing little.
Money never opens purses.
Quite right, sandals, T-shirts, underpants.
Very wonderful, xcept your zeros.
ABC Flight, written 1/7/07
Ah, birds can dive, ever flying, going higher in joy.
Kites lie, mocking nature's own principles.
Quivering, rigidly sailing through under various winds.
Xperts yawn zealously.
ABC Deathly Hallows, written 7/31/07
Another book completed.
Dramatic, exciting.
Felt great hearing into J. K.'s land.
Oh, Potter really seems truely unique.
Very wonderful.
Xenophilius yearns zing.
ABC 16 Years, written 9/4/07
As birthdays come, doesn't exactly fail, gratification.
Hallelujah, I just know life might never operate prettier.
Quaint, really, sixteen.
Though under various wonders, xciting years zip.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Appropriate As
Alex answers Andrew's argument about appropriate animals almost angrily. "Aren't alligators approachable already?" Andrew attempts an airy attitude, although aloofness aptly arouses Alex's anger. "Actually, Aaron appointed alligators as anti-appropriate. Accept all, Alex. Albatrosses, aardvarks and antelope are allowed. Aliens and alligators aren't, alright?" asked Andrew. Alex apparently accepted, although angry anyway, and ambled away.
Better Bs
"Buy Big Barry's buttery banana-blueberry bagel buns!" bellows Barry boisterously. "Believe Betsy's baguettes are beloved? Behind Baker's Bend, Big Barry brings back brilliance by baking beautiful bread! Boasting best bargains, below Betsy's!" "But beware," Betsy begs buyers, "because Big Barry's beastly belly bulges badly."
Careless Cs
Carlos chipped, cracked Cameron's cute china cups completely. "Clumsy clueless caveman!" cried Cameron, clearly crazy. "Can't creep carefully, cool class cat?" "Come, come," calmed Carlos, cheerfully chipper. "Carpet's clear. Choose carved clay charms. Conveys clear craftsmanship, clears chakras." "Create cautiousness," commanded Cameron crossly.
All poems originally written: 12/24/07
Slightly edited.

Neverending Pink

I love pink on flowers,
Like tulips and roses.
Lovely apple blossoms
And other things that grows-es.
I love pink on colored hearts
On St. Valentine's.
Crayons, glitter, paper and glue
Crafts of every kind.
I love pink on ribbons,
Headbands and shoes.
On sweaters, shirts and handbags
And pretty dresses too.
I love pink on blushes
And slender fingernails.
On makeup covered lips
That might leave loving trails.
I love pink on ice-cream
And minty bubblegum.
The inside of a grapefruit
Or a tender purple plum.
I love pink so very much,
In case you didn't know.
I wrote a poem about it
And this is how it goes:

I love pink on flowers...
Original date poem was written: 3/21/06
Slightly edited.

Black Ladybug

Have you ever seen a ladybug
Flying through the air?
It's kinda cute as it shoots
From here to over there.

I bet you know the common bug
All red with 2 black spots.
But here's something new that happens to
Be black with 2 red dots.
This new insect is quite rare
It isn't often found.
If you're a lucky little ducky
And see it on the ground,

Then pick it up real carefully
And hold it in your hand.
Squint your eyes and whisper "Hi!
Isn't life just grand?"

See as it parts it's tiny wings
And watch it fly away.
It would seem as if you've seen
A black ladybug today.
Original date poem was written: 3/20/06


Parks are fun to play in. I just
Love to swing and slide
And joining my friends in a game of tag.
You're it! You can't
Get me. I'm too fast a
Runner for you to catch me.
Oh, this is such a great game!
Unbelievable! You got me!
Next time, I'll have to run faster.
Darn, time to leave. See you next time!
So much fun,
Laughs galore!
Instead of at the top, I'm
Down at the bottom.
Everyone join in!
Sun's down.
Lights out.
Everyone's in bed.
Even me.
Pleasant dreams.
Do you happen to
Remember that time when
Everything is dark,
And then all of a sudden, your
Mind turns upside-down?
Still waiting for that.
All poems originally written 3/6/06

The Sunrise

I see a bright light behind the trees.
It's coming up fast for all to see.
Only a sliver on top of the hill.
I feel a breeze that gives me a chill.

Now I see a great ball of light!
I think to myself "Wow! What a sight!"
The ball is now rising slowly to the sky.
Watching this happen, I can only sigh.

I hear all the birds wake up and start singing.
Before you know it, all the trees are ringing.
The shining light is high and the air makes me shiver.
The excitement of watching this gives me a quiver.

The light has turned brighter, I can't bear to look.
It would be perfect for reading a book.
The air is so cool that my breath turns to steam.
The light from the ball makes everything gleam.

It's officially morning. I'm sure it's no surprise
That what I've just witnessed was a gorgeous sunrise.
Original date poem was written: 3/2/06
Slightly edited.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Alone, the single grain appears small and worthless.
Together, it stretches for many miles into the distance.

Take away from it, and you can dig a bottomless hole.
Pile it on top of itself, and you can build a mighty fortress.

It can stand the pressure of an icy sea.
It lines the ground of a scorching hot desert.

Dry, it can sift through your fingers.
Wet, it will hitch a ride on your toes.

It feels soft and firm when you walk upon it.
It tastes hard and unappetizing when it gets in your sandwich.
Original date poem was written: 2/26/06
Slightly edited.

My Uninvited guest

I woke up one morning in a good enough mood
When I heard a faint pattering inside the wood
Of my wall.
I listened and frowned at it
That noise, I didn't like it.
Not at all.

I went to the kitchen to make some toast
Unaware I would be in for the most
Shocking surprise!
The bread bag had a hole
Maybe 2 minutes old
And I saw tiny eyes.
The young mouse looked at me, quite frightened, I'm sure.
Then he scampered away! He was off like a blur
Of grey lightening
For the crack in the wall.
Now mice aren't all
that frightening.

But they can become pests, so I said "Hey!
You don't belong here, please go away!"
But that mouse
In his hole said not a word,
Because mice can't talk. That's absurd,
Isn't it now?
Original date poem was written: 4/16/08
Slightly edited.

Fire & Water

Two opposing elements, fire and water.
One is cool while the other is hotter.
Which of them do you think is better?
The one that burns, or the one that is wetter?

Fire makes light, even at night.
Cook with some heat and you've got a real treat.
But give respect to fire, or else it gets mad
and burns to ashes all that you had.

Water is to drink. What else do you think?
In less than a minute, you can splash and swim in it.
But before you dive in, be sure you know how,
Otherwise you may very well sink and then drown.

As you can see, both can be bad or good.
May this lesson be understood.
We need both fire and water to live,
So enjoy the benefits each of them give.
Original date poem was written: 12/31/07
Slightly edited.


The Bakers Wife
There once was a woman from Jamaica
who fell in love with a bread-maker.
She needed the dough
And married him, so
Now she's the wife of a baker.
My Bird
I once owned a very smart bird
Who at first would not say a word
Before I went out
I heard my parrot shout,
"Pets should be seen and not heard!"
Both poems originally written 3/4/06

Once Upon a Fly

Once there was a dragonfly
who was able to breath fireflies.
He captured a young damselfly,
and took her away from her housefly.

Then a brave and daring knightfly,
riding on his trusty horsefly,
slayed the dragonfly with success
and rescued the damselfly in distress.
Original date poem was written: 3/20/06
Slightly edited.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Letter Poems

nything arouses an argument among aliens about ants and anteaters.

ump, bang, boom! Broken bookcase brings bad book business. Buy better built bookcase.

razy crows come crying "Caw! Caw! Can't crows catch crumbs?"

ragonflies dart directly down dry, dirty ditches, delivering dead drones.

llie Elephant especially enjoys eating egg-salad.

airies fly far. Frogs flop funny. Ferrets finish forgotten food.

racious," gasped Good Greg. "Garbage gets gnats good!"

ello!" hollers Harry, Hank's Hamster. "Has harmony had horrors? Help! Horses have horrible hiccups!"

llusionist Iguana is ill. Ivy is incredibly itchy.

elly just jams jars. Jellyfish jolts jolly jugglers.

arate kittens keep Kelly Kangaroo's kettle. Kind kilt-maker Ken kills king.

eave lions lairs. Let's leap like lizards!

ail makes me miss my mice, Mom.

ever nail neither necks nor noses near narrow numbered nights.

ptimistic Olivia originally ordered oily olives.

roper Polly prepares plenty potatoes pleasantly. Plus purple puffy prunes. "Poppycock," pouts poor Peter. Polly pleads, "Patience."

uarrelsome quails quickly question quite quirky quotes quietly.

ambunctious rabbits randomly run real races.

nakes. So slinky, so slimy. Snakes scare Sarah silly.

ardy turtles trouble tired teachers. Tall tigers trouble thin tails. The two tiny twin trolls treat troubles.

navailable uncles usually use unique unicorn umbrellas.

ampire Vlad visits Vanilla-vendor Valerie.

itches were wily white women with wonderful warts.

avier x-rays xtraordinary xylophones.

our youthful Yiddish yak, Yenta, yearns yellow yams. Yeah.

any zebras zip zero zebra zoos.
Original date poems were written: 3/13/06
Slightly edited.