Thursday, May 6, 2010

Neverending Pink

I love pink on flowers,
Like tulips and roses.
Lovely apple blossoms
And other things that grows-es.
I love pink on colored hearts
On St. Valentine's.
Crayons, glitter, paper and glue
Crafts of every kind.
I love pink on ribbons,
Headbands and shoes.
On sweaters, shirts and handbags
And pretty dresses too.
I love pink on blushes
And slender fingernails.
On makeup covered lips
That might leave loving trails.
I love pink on ice-cream
And minty bubblegum.
The inside of a grapefruit
Or a tender purple plum.
I love pink so very much,
In case you didn't know.
I wrote a poem about it
And this is how it goes:

I love pink on flowers...
Original date poem was written: 3/21/06
Slightly edited.

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