Saturday, May 8, 2010


As I took a walk in the warm, bright sun,
I smiled as I waved hi to everyone.
I noticed some dark clouds floating in the sky.
They covered up the sun. I wondered why.
Just then I felt a drop fall on top of my head.
More drops fell around me, I sang as I tread:

"Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, what a lovely sound,
The noise that rain makes when it falls to the ground."
The rain fell gently on my face like mist.
The wind whispered in my ear with a little "Psst."
I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds were growing vast.
The drops were getting harder now, the rain was falling fast.
Mother took an umbrella out of her big bag.
She held my hand, said "Hurry up! There is no time to lag."

Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, the noise is getting loud!
The wind is fiercer, stronger and the trees are bent and bowed.
We rushed back to the house where it was dry and warm.
I looked out and saw the rain had turned into a storm!
Lightning flashed across the sky, I heard a thunder-clap.
I jumped, shrieked and ran into my mother's waiting lap.
She smiled and said "It's alright, there's nothing to fear.
While we wait for it to stop, why don't you draw something, dear?"

Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, I'll ignore the sound and do
some drawing with my paintbox and my crayons all day through.
Eventually the sound grew faint. I paused to listen more.
I stood up, walked down the hall and opened the front door.
The drops were falling softer as the storm began to cease.
I took a breath of clean fresh air and felt a sense of peace.
The sun was shining out again, the grass was green and wet.
I smiled, thinking "That was a storm I'm sure I won't forget!"

Pitter-pat, pitter-pat, the rain has gone away.
Now I'll put galoshes on and go outside to play!
Original date poem was written: 1/15/07
Slightly edited.

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