Thursday, May 6, 2010

Black Ladybug

Have you ever seen a ladybug
Flying through the air?
It's kinda cute as it shoots
From here to over there.

I bet you know the common bug
All red with 2 black spots.
But here's something new that happens to
Be black with 2 red dots.
This new insect is quite rare
It isn't often found.
If you're a lucky little ducky
And see it on the ground,

Then pick it up real carefully
And hold it in your hand.
Squint your eyes and whisper "Hi!
Isn't life just grand?"

See as it parts it's tiny wings
And watch it fly away.
It would seem as if you've seen
A black ladybug today.
Original date poem was written: 3/20/06

1 comment:

  1. I found one in the liner of my hat when I returned from a trip to Cancun. Yes, it is unusual. My granddaughters were looking at it and it flew off and is now somewhere in my kitchen.