Thursday, May 6, 2010


Parks are fun to play in. I just
Love to swing and slide
And joining my friends in a game of tag.
You're it! You can't
Get me. I'm too fast a
Runner for you to catch me.
Oh, this is such a great game!
Unbelievable! You got me!
Next time, I'll have to run faster.
Darn, time to leave. See you next time!
So much fun,
Laughs galore!
Instead of at the top, I'm
Down at the bottom.
Everyone join in!
Sun's down.
Lights out.
Everyone's in bed.
Even me.
Pleasant dreams.
Do you happen to
Remember that time when
Everything is dark,
And then all of a sudden, your
Mind turns upside-down?
Still waiting for that.
All poems originally written 3/6/06

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