Thursday, May 6, 2010


Appropriate As
Alex answers Andrew's argument about appropriate animals almost angrily. "Aren't alligators approachable already?" Andrew attempts an airy attitude, although aloofness aptly arouses Alex's anger. "Actually, Aaron appointed alligators as anti-appropriate. Accept all, Alex. Albatrosses, aardvarks and antelope are allowed. Aliens and alligators aren't, alright?" asked Andrew. Alex apparently accepted, although angry anyway, and ambled away.
Better Bs
"Buy Big Barry's buttery banana-blueberry bagel buns!" bellows Barry boisterously. "Believe Betsy's baguettes are beloved? Behind Baker's Bend, Big Barry brings back brilliance by baking beautiful bread! Boasting best bargains, below Betsy's!" "But beware," Betsy begs buyers, "because Big Barry's beastly belly bulges badly."
Careless Cs
Carlos chipped, cracked Cameron's cute china cups completely. "Clumsy clueless caveman!" cried Cameron, clearly crazy. "Can't creep carefully, cool class cat?" "Come, come," calmed Carlos, cheerfully chipper. "Carpet's clear. Choose carved clay charms. Conveys clear craftsmanship, clears chakras." "Create cautiousness," commanded Cameron crossly.
All poems originally written: 12/24/07
Slightly edited.

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