Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

How on earth do you manage to
Accomplish what you do every day?
Please, what is our secret?
Preparing tasty, healthy snacks and
Yummy meals for all of us,

Mending and patching clothes, keeping
Order and neatness where we live,
Teaching us valuable life lessons,
House-cleaning and so much more.
Everything you do around here is honestly,
Really appreciated a lot. You are a
Special person. Very special. You

Deserve all the happiness
A person can possibly get. Oh,
Yes, you most certainly do.

In honor of this wonderful holiday,

Let us shower you with praise
Over and over and over again. You are
Valuable beyond reasonable description,
Even for a writer such as myself.

Yesterday you were loved, but
Only half as much as today. Wait
Until tomorrow comes along, though!

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