Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Uninvited guest

I woke up one morning in a good enough mood
When I heard a faint pattering inside the wood
Of my wall.
I listened and frowned at it
That noise, I didn't like it.
Not at all.

I went to the kitchen to make some toast
Unaware I would be in for the most
Shocking surprise!
The bread bag had a hole
Maybe 2 minutes old
And I saw tiny eyes.
The young mouse looked at me, quite frightened, I'm sure.
Then he scampered away! He was off like a blur
Of grey lightening
For the crack in the wall.
Now mice aren't all
that frightening.

But they can become pests, so I said "Hey!
You don't belong here, please go away!"
But that mouse
In his hole said not a word,
Because mice can't talk. That's absurd,
Isn't it now?
Original date poem was written: 4/16/08
Slightly edited.

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