Thursday, January 7, 2010


I took a walk near the end of the day
And at one point a stray
Tortoiseshell cat came padding next to me
No collar did I see
His marvelous coat was speckled brown-black
I bent to scratch his back
He mewed and purred with obvious delight
His eyes were green and bright
As I straightened up he raced down the street
On his soft, furry feet
He didn't glance back, the tortoiseshell stray
So I went on my way.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Virtual Conversation

I felt like talking with a friend,
so I wrote an email, then hit "send".

Within an hour, little did I know,
He'd log in and say "hello!"

When I came and found him waiting,
inside I felt like celebrating!
I wrote him back, so he'd know I was there.
Nothing could have truly prepared

me for the unbelievable chat
that would follow after that!

I think one would simply balk
at how much we sat and talked.
Each of us spoke with a zillion words,
though no one's voices could be heard.

(That's actually not completely true.
Just go back a post or two. ^_^)

Our conversation sure was long,
but he lightened it up with a couple of songs.
We chatted for so long it seemed
that we were talking in a dream.

We talked about everything, and to boot,

Even after an hour and a half,
this guy made me smile and laugh.
Would you believe we talked longer than that?
It presently came to be quite lat.

(The "e" key sometimes failed to work,
so please wipe off that silly smirk.)

I told him that I had to go then,
so I could finish writing my poem.
So we logged off and said good-bye.
Away from my laptop I gave a sigh.

Thanks for talking with me, friend.
I sure can't wait to do it again! ^_^

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What can I say?

What can I say? What can I say?
I have to write a new poem today.
I'd much rather read and play,
but I promised myself last Tuesday
that for a week straight, come what may,
I'd write a new poem every day.
A cow goes moo and a horse goes neigh,
Jasper Fforde wrote "Shades of Grey"!
Hmm, this isn't what I thought I'd say,
but I wrote my poem anyway.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Dead Tired

Ever have a day that felt like it may
have really lasted a week?
It's happened to me, and I'm tired as can be,
only a pillow do I seek. ~,~