Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Mind of Adventure

One must have a mind of adventure
To regard stories of history
Or tales of what never was,
To look forward to the future
And take on the world.
Based on "Snowman", by Wallace Stevens

Surprises inside

Opening, finding, discovering,
Learning what's inside
Cupboards, drawers, secret compartments.
I feel like a kid
Exploring someone's house
For the first time.
I find all sorts of surprises,
Things I never I thought would be there.
I play hide and seek with myself.
I'm the seeker.
I don't know what is hiding,
Or what I'm seeking.
No matter what happens, though,
I win the game every time.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

In a Daze

I feel a sense of sad frustration,
Having no anticipation
For anything causing excitation.
I've lost all my motivation,
For my only inclination
Is to have complete relaxation.
I'm lazy,
Vision hazy,
Ceiling gazing,
It's amazing.
For days, I've been in this crazy phase.
What's the phrase?
Oh yeah.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magic is real

Why can't the real world have magic in it?
Real magic, I mean.
The kind found in tales of old.
Faraway kingdoms, enchanted lands.
Wicked witches, wonderful wizards.
Glowing objects, flying things.
People with powers beyond belief.
Laws of nature being bent.
Literally anything you can imagine
Being possible with just
A wave of a wand,
A chant of an incantation,
A brewing of a potion,
Or the summoning of spirits.
Once upon a times,
Happily ever afters,
Sadly, these are only stories,
Nothing more.
But though there's no such thing
As fairies or dragons,
I believe that magic is real, in a sense,
and can be found in this world after all.