Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fear Factor.

My head is buzzing, my hands are shaking,
Do you hear the noise my heart is making?

I bite my nails, I tap my feet,
Should I fight it or just retreat?

My mouth is dry, my legs are jelly,
I have a sick feeling deep in my belly.

Can I do it? I don't know.
I hope my terror doesn't show.

I've gotta keep my cool and try to be brave,
though nervous energy hits me in waves.

At the very least I'll be alert.
Anyway, what does a little fear hurt?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ode to Oatmeal

Sweet, warm, thick and gooey,
Oh so soft and oh so chewey.

It's yummy when it's hot and pasty,
Throw in raisins, it's even more tasty!

I like warming my hands on the bowl
when the weather's kind of cold.

Of all the breakfast foods there are,
This one beats them out by far,

'Cause nothing compares to how I feel
When I'm eating a bowl of delicious oatmeal!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How, Now, Time-Line?

Can someone tell me how,
the distant future turned to now?
"Yesterday, where art thou?"
I ask, as time continues to plow.
There's no way to rewind;
Life seems to go in one straight line.
Might as well put it out of my mind,
and try to have a good time. ^_^

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adam Turns 12

Happy Birthday Adam!

I'm very excited you're turning 12
You must be quite proud of yourself

Just look at you, my preteen bro.
Many years behind you, but lots more to go

I'm sure this will be your best birthday yet
One filled with joys you will never forget

And after the end of this wonderful day
May life keep on bringing awesome things your way!