Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Sunrise

I see a bright light behind the trees.
It's coming up fast for all to see.
Only a sliver on top of the hill.
I feel a breeze that gives me a chill.

Now I see a great ball of light!
I think to myself "Wow! What a sight!"
The ball is now rising slowly to the sky.
Watching this happen, I can only sigh.

I hear all the birds wake up and start singing.
Before you know it, all the trees are ringing.
The shining light is high and the air makes me shiver.
The excitement of watching this gives me a quiver.

The light has turned brighter, I can't bear to look.
It would be perfect for reading a book.
The air is so cool that my breath turns to steam.
The light from the ball makes everything gleam.

It's officially morning. I'm sure it's no surprise
That what I've just witnessed was a gorgeous sunrise.
Original date poem was written: 3/2/06
Slightly edited.

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