Monday, May 3, 2010

Letter Poems

nything arouses an argument among aliens about ants and anteaters.

ump, bang, boom! Broken bookcase brings bad book business. Buy better built bookcase.

razy crows come crying "Caw! Caw! Can't crows catch crumbs?"

ragonflies dart directly down dry, dirty ditches, delivering dead drones.

llie Elephant especially enjoys eating egg-salad.

airies fly far. Frogs flop funny. Ferrets finish forgotten food.

racious," gasped Good Greg. "Garbage gets gnats good!"

ello!" hollers Harry, Hank's Hamster. "Has harmony had horrors? Help! Horses have horrible hiccups!"

llusionist Iguana is ill. Ivy is incredibly itchy.

elly just jams jars. Jellyfish jolts jolly jugglers.

arate kittens keep Kelly Kangaroo's kettle. Kind kilt-maker Ken kills king.

eave lions lairs. Let's leap like lizards!

ail makes me miss my mice, Mom.

ever nail neither necks nor noses near narrow numbered nights.

ptimistic Olivia originally ordered oily olives.

roper Polly prepares plenty potatoes pleasantly. Plus purple puffy prunes. "Poppycock," pouts poor Peter. Polly pleads, "Patience."

uarrelsome quails quickly question quite quirky quotes quietly.

ambunctious rabbits randomly run real races.

nakes. So slinky, so slimy. Snakes scare Sarah silly.

ardy turtles trouble tired teachers. Tall tigers trouble thin tails. The two tiny twin trolls treat troubles.

navailable uncles usually use unique unicorn umbrellas.

ampire Vlad visits Vanilla-vendor Valerie.

itches were wily white women with wonderful warts.

avier x-rays xtraordinary xylophones.

our youthful Yiddish yak, Yenta, yearns yellow yams. Yeah.

any zebras zip zero zebra zoos.
Original date poems were written: 3/13/06
Slightly edited.

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