Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fire & Water

Two opposing elements, fire and water.
One is cool while the other is hotter.
Which of them do you think is better?
The one that burns, or the one that is wetter?

Fire makes light, even at night.
Cook with some heat and you've got a real treat.
But give respect to fire, or else it gets mad
and burns to ashes all that you had.

Water is to drink. What else do you think?
In less than a minute, you can splash and swim in it.
But before you dive in, be sure you know how,
Otherwise you may very well sink and then drown.

As you can see, both can be bad or good.
May this lesson be understood.
We need both fire and water to live,
So enjoy the benefits each of them give.
Original date poem was written: 12/31/07
Slightly edited.

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