Friday, July 16, 2010

A Dreamer Dreaming Dreams.

Always keeping
My mind teeming,
With dreaming,
The world is reeling
I'm seeing
A different way of being.

I cry
I know how high
I can fly.
So then why
Not when I'm wide

Dreams, it seems, are beams
Of light
Made for spite
But feel so right!
But if you share, with a friend who cares, someone out there
Who you can trust
And who must
Be true and just,
As well as kind, then speak your mind, and you may find
A fellow dreamer.


  1. I went back and read all your poems on here, and I didn't waste my time at all. You've done good by putting all your work on here. I keep my poetry journal locked up and hidden. I don't have the guts to virtualize it like you.

    Hey, maybe one day you'll have a great big published book of poems sitting on the shelves of libraries everywhere. One as big as the works of Robert Frost or Walt Whitman!

  2. Rani! ^_^ I'm so glad that you commented this blog. You're the first one to do so thus far. You don't know how much I appreciate that. (Thanks for commenting my 200th blog post, too. ^_~)

    Thank you for liking my poems. *_* I do dream about compiling all my poems into a book. I even think some of them would make good children's picture books. What do you think?

    Hope everything is well with you!

  3. The poem is great.

    I love the anime/manga pictures.