Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday, Annette!

I have a sister named Annette
She's skinny and tall, a natural brunette,
And the coolest girl I've ever met, I bet
(Well, don't forget,
I'm biased. She's my twin after all.)
Get set, Annette,
We're about to have a ball.
You know why, of course. It's our birthday, y'all!
With our 19th year all over and done,
I wonder, "What will we do in the next one?"
Well, no matter what happens, let's be sure to have fun.
Together forever,
Our friendship I'll treasure.
Know that I'll never, ever

Forget or regret
The times we have shared
We're the perfect duet
You've always been there.
Thank you, Annette.
You know how much I care.
Love, your sister,

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