Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday DAD! ^_~

Dear Ben,
Looks like it's that time again.
It's that time of year,
The day we all cheer,
And show Poppa Bear
How much we care.

Thanks for your love and dedication.
You are my hero, my inspiration.
A wonderful teacher, patient, fun,
With a smile as warm as the sun!

Happy birthday wishes,
Many hugs and kisses!
I'm sure you know
I love you so!

*Yom Huledet Samayach!
(*That's "Happy Birthday" in Hebrew)
Love, Bettina. ^_^


  1. Yom Huledet Samayach Mr. Ben!

    (My dad's birthday's tomorrow actually!)

  2. Really? That's such a coincidence! ^_^

    Happy early birthday, father of Rani!

  3. That is so sweet of you! ^.~

    and Happy Birthday Mr. Levy!

  4. Jacoby?! You've come back! XD
    Please come on Facebook! I've missed you so much!!!