Saturday, March 3, 2012

Simple sentences, expanded upon.

I had the best time at my weekly writing meeting today! Saturday has turned into one of my favorite days, thanks to all the wonderful, funny and interesting people I meet ever week. ^_^ I smile and laugh so much, and I usually get some surprisingly good writing out of the day!

Today as an exercise, we took a simple sentence and expanded upon it, without using the original words. We were given a long list of prompts for us to choose from (more than a few of them coffee-related. Haha) and everyone came up with beautiful, witty, and attitude-filled responses. Here are the four pieces I shared:

A small bird chirping ~ I sat on the soft grass in the shade of a tree, lazily breathing in the meadowy air, eyes closed as I felt the wind careers my face. I heard a cheerful whistle, and I looked up to see a sparrow perched high above me, singing his tiny heart out.Chocolate cake ~ It's so beautiful. So decadent. My mouth is watering, the powerful scent of processed sugar bashing my nostrils. I want a slice of it, but it's such a perfect, exquisite mound of dark heaven that I just can't. I won't ruin this masterpiece. I'll just sit here and smell the sweet scent of this artfully made confection.The greenest eyes ~ We came up for air and laughed. "I made it to the sandbar first," I claimed.
"No way," he said, "I beat you by a stroke."
"How about we call it a tie?" I said with a smile.
He grinned and made a funny face, pretending to think about it. "Nah. I'm the winner."
He suddenly scooped me up and held me close to him in the ocean.
"Because I've got you."
My heart fluttered.
I looked up at his face and saw two round pools of deep emerald waters staring back at me, the exact color of the sea we were swimming in. At that moment, I wanted to drown in them.A little gray mouse ~ Snap!
Gotcha, I thought as the crack of the trap reached my ears. I came out of my hiding place and poked my head into the kitchen. There he was, small and lifeless. Caught at last, my pesky, uninvited guest.
I saw the way his neck was caught in the wire, and my breath caught in my throat. I was unprepared for the face of death. I suddenly felt ashamed of myself.
Poor young fellow. That slate-colored rodent was only trying to survive, just like me, just like all of us.
I'd ended that. Who was I to end that?!
Sadly, I walked over, gingerly picked up the trap, and whispered "I'm sorry," even though I knew the creature could no longer hear me.

Try it yourself and come up with your own interpretations! It's wonderful! Enjoy. ^_~

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