Friday, October 29, 2010

My Halloween Costume

Hello, I'm Mad Maggie, the crazy evil nurse.
I'm sure of all your nightmares, you'd vote me the worst.

I never finished Med school, my diploma's honorary.
Not for my lack of genius; they simply found me scary.

Perhaps it is my witchy hair, or my special Hypno-Glasses.
Maybe they don't like my pet, a spider named Arachnyss.

Arachnyss sits atop my shoulder, whispering jokes in my ear.
So if I throw my head back with mirth...
Mwah-ha-ha-hah! Mwah-haha-ha-ha-haaaah!!!
... you have nothing to fear. ^_~

I take my science equipment everwhere I go.
Vials of colorful liquids cast a spooky glow.

"But what are the mysterious stains on your coat?" you ask.
I smile, pulling from my pocket a green and slimy flask.

"It's the blood of my unfortunate lab assistant, Cody.
My concoction wasn't ready, so he got a bit explodey.

But now my potion's safe to drink. Would you like a taste?"
Your eyes go wide, you turn your heel and run with lots of haste.

My shoulders droop a little bit. I didn't mean to frighten.
Luckily Arachnyss has some words to make me brighten.

"Don't you worry, Maggie. I don't think you're mad.
When people get to know you, they'll see you're not that bad."

"You're right, Arachnyss," I reply, drinking my potion green.
"I'm sure we'll still get to have a Happy Halloween." ^_^

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  1. I love how it totally fits the costume you wore, like the story you weaved from it in poem form.