Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perfect Candle Flame

We have known each other for such a long time.
How can I express it in a few simple rhymes?

Though we're torn apart by distance and circumstance,
We are close as can be, and that gives us a chance.

You tell me your secrets, and I tell you mine.
Talking to you... why, it's just like sunshine.

You're the person I count on. You make me feel complete.
Oh, how I wish that our worlds will someday meet.

Yes, we are friends, and we always will be.
But I wish we were more... Sometimes I can see

Us holding hands on a dock at sunset.
We're counting the stars, even ones not there yet.

We laugh together and the feeling's so right.
Just us sharing the moment on a dark, moonlit night.

Nothing else can compare. It's a feeling I can't name.
It's like warmth from the glow of a perfect candle flame.

We don't hang by a thread, we've got the strongest rope.
It's made of love and friendship, and most of all hope.

We've never clapped eyes on each other, but still,
I know that I love you, and I'm sure I always will.

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